Stalking Mel ;)

I just found your blog and I am absolutely in love! You and your partner are absolutely radiant! The photos you take are so beautiful. I hope you are having a nice day. ☺️

Aww I hope you are having a nice day too, I know this made mine a lot brighter :) happy trails

Just to quickly clarify (cause of some messages I’ve been receiving for a while) this is me, I’m a woman, and the person who is in most of my photos is my life partner, Jimmy.
ceilingless asked:

your photos rule!

You rule!

We did some pickin’ in Blaire Lake, Oregon

Instagram: @ktdoubleyou

Make time for play

These two have been friend since middle school, Clayton and Kaite. This was his first time meeting Kaite’s baby girl for the first time.

Stretching in the Park

Instagram: @ktdoubleyou

Rosie and Tad. Beautiful strength and support. thislifeiswhatwehave

Country Fair memories

Opaque  by  andbamnan