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Country Fair memories

fiouxe asked:

hi ! i realllyy do love your photos , i want to buy a film camera but im just so unsure on which one to buy. what camera/s do you have if you dont mind me asking?

I highly recommend any canon. A lot film cameras made in the 50’s-80’s are now starting to break down from time, cheap manufacturing, etc. but for whatever reason I see a lot more functioning canons than any other kind.

Abandoned house characters
Expired film, modeling is anneliseferryart
Dorothy and her Mama
Saint Paddy’s Fest with two-five-two
hosaeng asked:

Just came across with your blog and let me tell you I really loved it! Absolutely captivated by all your beautiful pictures. I wish I could go on a road trip with you guys haha Greetings from Mexico, namaste sis. :)

Thank you so much from Asheville, NC! ;)

Kishi Bashi with Tall Tall Trees last night, such a beautiful show.

Foraging day in Blaire lake, Oregon
Soft touch
Opaque  by  andbamnan